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Arthritis is said to occur at the age of 40 years but because of nowadays lifestyle people at the age of 35 also shows it’s symtoms. Mostly it can be seen in females but males also shows it’s effect. The presence of Arthritis show pain in joints and swelling, people used to have pain killers but research proves that if you will not eat the food that cause swelling and joints pain then it can be controlled. Arthritis can be of 100 types but mostly Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs. As Osteoarthritis attacks fingers,knees and hips while Rheumatoid Arthritis attacks hands and legs with excessive pain, as a result it’s very difficult to move them. If  somebody in family persists the same disease then risk is more. There is no absolute cure of this but with proper medication and diet it can be controlled.

Symptoms of Arthritis :

Joint Pain



Not working of body parts



Take Rest

Hot or Cold massage

Reduce Weight


Joint Replacement

Apart from this five foods that should be avoided by Arithritis person

Fried or Packaged Food

As per research if diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables instead of fried and packaged food then swelling and pain can be reduced.

Over Heated Food

In year 2009 study proves that Arithritis people should not take over heated and grilled food that means food should not be prepared on more temperature.


Excessive intake of anything is injurious to health it can be water, salt or sugar. More intake of sugar increases swelling so avoid eating cake,soda, chocolate and flour etc.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol and Tobacco is injurious to health.They result in excessive pain and results in dangerous diseases.For healthy joints take balanced diet,exercise and rest.



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